GG - Greater Good

Reports on Financials, Budgets, Pricing

we will report our financials since 2014-dec-25, because we started using word "GG" after indian-govt on 2014-dec-25 announced dec25 christmas-day as good-governance-day in remembrance of 100th-anniversary of stopping of world-war-one on 1914-dec-25's chritmas-truce

Year 2015

We had no website, we spent zero money, Everyone invested their own personal-money to drive the movement-forward

year 2016

We had this website ( since 2016-aug, zoho gave us free-website (thanks zoho), so again we invested no money 

year 2017

Till 2017-jul, we invested no money; On 2017-aug, we renewed this website for one more year for "8$", thats only money we have spent so far, As are going to register this as international-non-profit, our financials might change now.