GG - Greater Good

international days observances

Jan1 NewYear Day (New Hope Day)
Jan6 Four Freedoms Day
Feb14 International Love Day
Mar20- International Day of Happiness
Mar/Apr/May- Good Friday ( preceding easter sunday)
Mar/Apr/May- Easter Sunday (succeeding good friday)
Apr22 International Mother Earth Day
May1 International Workers Day
May 2nd Sun- Mothers Day
May3 World Press Freedom Day
May8 International RedCross Day
May8–9 Remembrance Day of ending of second world-war
May12 International Nurses Day
May29 International Day of Peacekeepers
Jun7 Greater Good Sustainability Day, inspired by bill gates’s harvard speech
Jun10 Peace Definition Day, inspired JFK’s speech on world-peace
Jun12 World Day Against Child Labour
Jun30 - Day of Sustainably Reducing Natural Disasters (inspired by tunguska event day)
Jul4  Day of Security the Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness; Govt Definition Day
Jul30 & Aug 1st Sun-  International Friendship Day
Aug15  Day of Peaceful transfer of Power ( British-govt transferring power to indian-govt)
Aug17  Better Future Day, (inspired by ronald reagan's speech at RNC on 1992aug17 )
Aug20  Better Universe Day ( Inspired by Narayan Murthy’s autobiography, better india better world)
Aug26 Mother Teresa Day
Sep11 international day of Brotherhood/Sisterhood (Opening day of Parliament of world religions in 1893)
Sep15 international Democracy Day
Sep21 Universal Peace Day
Oct2 International day of non-violence, Day of Rights of Animals & other non-human-Lives (Gandhi Day)
Oct24 United Nations Charter Day
Nov20 international Childrens Day
Dec10 Human Rights Day &  UDHR-day
Dec25 Good-governance-day by indian-govt, Also,Christmas

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