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Zillions of Citizens/Members,
3,600+ Constituencies,
190+ Nations,
7.7+ billion peoples,
Our only one home Universe!

- Welcome to your GG

"A is the first of all letters, similarly, gods are first leaders of the universe"

- Thirukural's first verse; Thirukural is ancient literature of Tamil, written 2,000 years ago!

"The whole of my remaining.... shall be annually distributed in the form of prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind"

- Alfred Nobel's last will & testament 1895-nov-27 on creation of nobel prizes.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men(peoples/lives) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator(Gods) with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted"

- Thomas Jefferson, USA's Declaration of Independence 1776-jul-4

One-word Bio

Goodness or Greatness or Godliness or Governance, etc

Two-words Bio

Greater Good or Greater Goodness/Greatness/Godliness,(GG)

Three-words Bio

Greater Good Universality/Sustainability/Longevity/Etc

50-words Bio (One Line Bio)

GG/GGO Greater Good Organisation of 21st-century/3rd millennium, or simply GG/GGO/GG21c(21st-century)/GG3m(3rd millennium)/etc, is a multi-universe international organisation working for sustainable success of all good-values & good-ideas in universe.

75-words Bio ( Short Bio)

Our Story begins with birth of universe, 13-billion years ago, GG/GGO is based on long past history of efforts by our ancestors/predecessors/forefathers/grandparents/etc across universe, for sustainability of greater good in universe/world; In recent history of 20th-century, GG/GGO was mainly led by League-of-Nations & United-Nations, both institutions formed to prevent future world-war, Now we are here to take forward it in 21st-century/3rd millennium.

150-words Bio ( Long Bio)

As GG/GGO belongs to all members/citizens/constituents/residents/etc of the universe/world, hence they call GG with different names at different times ( children can call parents with their respectable names), Some other names of GG are, 1) greater good or great governance or good governance, 2) global good or good globe, 3) govt of govts, 4) gentle-governance, 5) good globe/galaxy/world/universe, 6) group of groups (family of families, union of unions of world/universe), 7) Guarantee Goodness/Greatness, 8) guide goodness/greatness or good/great guidance, 9) Gods's governance/govt or governance/govt by gods, 10) global-goals (sustainable development goals or millennium development goals of United-Nations), 11) good-doers group, 12) Goodness/Greatness group, etc; Plz feel free to add your own, GG is your organisation, working for betterment of members like you!

400-words Bio ( Very Long Bio)

"There is some good in this world and it's worth fighting for"

- "Lord of the rings: Two Towers", 2002 oscar winning film.

Definition/Meaning of "GOOD", differs for different members/peoples/etc at different time, but members of world/universe have often agreed on universal-good-values like honesty, decency, hardwork, fairness, friendship, freedom, peace, love, etc. GG/GGO's ultimate purpose is ensure long-time success of all such good-values/ideas in universe; If good-values fails, then GG/GGO fails, if good-values succeed, then GG/GGO succeeds.

Since the founding of universe long time ago, good-ideas/values were driven by various startups/initiatives/projects/institutions/doings/etc, We recognise/respect/honor/salute/bow/kneel-before/etc all those great efforts by our ancestors, and now we are just trying to take those things forward in this 21st-century/3rd millennium, hence we call it GG21c/GG3m, Therefore the real true founding/starting/creation of GG/GGO goes long time back in past-history of universe, We do NOT own & we will NOT/Never claim any copyright/patent/intellectual-property for GG/GGO as it was introduced by our ancestors/predecessors/etc, hence GG/GGO originally/rightly belongs to all members/citizens/residents/constituents/etc of universe, especially for members/citizens like you, You are real true cofounders/coworkers/owners/founding members of this GG/GGO.

GG/GGO measures/judges/calculates its value/worth by "GG/GGO-ranking/scores" or "greater good ranking/scores", something combining the "sustainability-ranking" ( particularly of, and "self-made-score" ( particularly of of; GG/GGO is basically "greater-good" multiplied by universality(number of beneficiaries in universe), multiplied by Longevity of time. (GG/GGO= GGxUxL), where beneficiaries can be humans, earthlings, animals, birds, aliens, etc; i.e institutions & individuals of universe in general.

As GG/GGO belongs to all citizens of universe, Members/Citizens/peoples are encouraged to contact your nearest local GG/GGO-office for any help/inquiry, via phone, chat, email, social media, internet, direct personal visit, etc. We are here to help you & sustainably solve problems/inequities of your life, & for our home universe in general, Our Best Wishes to You, Looking forward to work with you, Take Care, God bless !